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Today launches Gabriel:Zero Point with special weekend pricing

April 13, 2012 2 comments

The official day is officially here – the official launch day of Gabriel: Zero Point, the prequel novella to the Gabriel science fiction-adventure trilogy! Those of you who have read the series can find out more about how Gabriel came to be the man waking up in the seedy Jamaican hotel room at the beginning of Gabriel’s Redemption, and those of you who haven’t yet dipped your toes into the trilogy can start with a bite-sized story (22,000 words) to lead into the overall arc.

It wouldn’t be a launch without a proper promotional price (and a hint of a very cool contest to come). But first – the story:


Prequel Novella to the Evan Gabriel Trilogy
Evan Gabriel wasn’t always a feared and respected North American Federation Navy Commander. Before dangerous missions to the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, the deadly jungle world of Eden, and politically corrupt Mars, he was a simple recruit, fighting to make his mark in the elite Naval Special Forces…and was part of a top-secret military experiment that would change his life forever.Zero Point tells the tale before the science fiction/adventure trilogy, a tale of a young man faced with difficult choices and dangerous trials. Fans of the series will see part of the mysterious past Evan Gabriel carries with him, while readers new to the series get a preview of what is to come in a military man’s haunted life.

Zero Point is the true beginning of Evan Gabriel, and his story is just getting started.

I did mention special promotional pricing, right? For THIS WEEKEND ONLY (ending Sunday night the 15th), Zero Point will be less than a cup of coffee from a gas station. A whopping $.99 (£.77 for my friends across the pond). It’s currently available for Kindle US, Kindle UK, Nook, and Smashwords for other platforms (Smashwords is notoriously slow for distributing to Sony, iBooks, Kobo, etc. so I knew it wouldn’t be ready for today – it is, sorry.)


Then watch this space Sunday night for an announcement of the Zero Point “spread the word” contest. I need all of my friends’ help to get the word out about the new release, so I’ll be giving away Amazon Gift Cards daily, plus a KINDLE FIRE or NOOK TABLET to one lucky winner at the end.

Hope you guys and gals pick up a copy, and hope even more that you enjoy it (and if you do, a review goes a long way for us struggling authors).


P.S. Hey look, it’s my 100th WordPress post…


The super-secret project revealed – another addition to the Gabriel universe!

April 1, 2012 11 comments

At long last, what you’ve all been waiting for (well, okay, what no one was really waiting for, I admit), I can reveal the super-secret writing project I’ve been working on the last month or so. And here we are:

Click to enlarge

Gabriel: Zero Point is a prequel novella (~22,000 words) that goes back to the man before the trilogy, and starts with his recruitment right out of Navy Officer Candidate School by NAVSOC (Naval Special Operations Command), shows how he gained some of his unusual “abilities”, and gives more of a background of how he became who he was at the start of Gabriel’s Redemption.

I had had many people ask (a) if I was done with Gabriel after the trilogy was complete, and (b) would I ever visit the person that wakes up in a seedy hotel room in Jamaica in Gabriel’s Redemption’s first scene to show how he got there. So the answers would be no, yes. Evan Gabriel has a backstory, and this is part of it. Not all, and who knows – I may go back one day in the future to explore more. But for right now, this will be the end of Gabriel writing. I’ve got several other ideas bouncing around in my head over the past year I really want to commit to paper, but I also wanted to say hello to Gabriel one more time.

Yesterday I polished off the first draft (writing 9,000 words in one day, mind you – I’m surprised my fingertips have any feeling this morning) and have been doing my initial edits today for mechanics, then tonight going through for content/plot/etc. Tomorrow (Monday the 2nd) Zero Point will hit the hands of my trusted beta readers (a great group of people who know Gabriel and the universe, and whose opinions I value greatly) with the hope I receive crits and suggestions by next weekend. If all goes well, Gabriel: Zero Point will hit the virtual shelves the following week.

A huge thanks to all my readers – without your support and enthusiasm, Zero Point wouldn’t have ever gotten off the ground. I hope you enjoy this new one!