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Gabriel’s Journey, the complete trilogy with bonus Zero Point prequel, on sale 33% off while I’m away! Spread the word?

May 27, 2012 1 comment

While I’m away, the price gremlins will play! Last week I ran some two-day sales on the individual books in the Gabriel series; starting today, the complete collection of Gabriel’s Journey (including the Gabriel: Zero Point prequel) will be on sale for 33% off. Hey, that’s almost one third!

The regular price is $8.99 (which is a steal, IMO, if you consider the combined costs of the three: $3.99 + $4.99 + $4.99 = $13.97). Through June 10th (when I get back from my woeful, terrible, difficult business trip to the Mediterranean), this sucker’s on sale for $5.99, or slightly more than a Taco Bell Five Buck Box (which might be gastronomy’s worst nightmare).

Gabriel’s Journey is now available for $5.99 for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. Sorry, I won’t be running this one through Smashwords for Sony/Kobo users (long story short – they take forever to push a price through to Sony/Kobo, meaning they’ll take forever to change it back).

If you could be so kind as to pass along the word, I’d greatly appreciate it (and I’ll reward!). Nothing would be more exciting than to return from the slog of two weeks of work on a cruise ship to a huge sales report. Well, perhaps there are a few more exciting things, but at the moment they escape me.

I’ve got some ready-made tweets if you want to use them. When I get back, I’ll randomly select TWO peeps that tweeted and give out a $10 Amazon gift card to each. If I do well in the on-board casino, I’ll make it THREE.

GABRIEL’S JOURNEY, complete scifi-adventure trilogy for #Kindle from @SteveUmstead, on sale for $5.99! #RT

GABRIEL’S JOURNEY, complete scifi-adventure trilogy for #Nook from @SteveUmstead, on sale for $5.99! #RT

GABRIEL’S JOURNEY, complete scifi-adventure trilogy for #iBooks from @SteveUmstead, on sale for $5.99! #RT

You can tweet ’em or Google+ ’em; as long as they’re tagged with my info I’ll see ’em. And feel free to Facebook ’em, but I won’t see ’em. I threw in the towel on FB long ago…



My global domination of the paperback market begins…now!

February 29, 2012 8 comments

My UPS guy loves me. And not just because my kids look like him (hey, wait a minute…) but because he brings me cool stuff every few weeks. Today was a toner cartridge (those of you who caught my inadvertent tweet through Amazon when I bought it the other night know how exciting my nightlife is at home), and a caseload of fabulousness:

Now, off to work on some way to sell them, thereby furthering (or at least starting) my plans for global market domination…

The Cover Reveal for Book 2 of the Evan Gabriel Trilogy

May 5, 2011 10 comments

Here goes…only about halfway through the writing of book two, but this cover sure is providing some serious inspiration to get cracking:

(Click the image for full size – go ahead, it’s worth the click just to see the amazing detail on the ship itself.)

Big kudos to AJ Powers for his design work. If you don’t know AJ, take a few minutes and stop by his blog to find out a bit more. If you’re on Twitter (and seriously, who reading this isn’t?) drop him a line at @aj_powers to let him know what you think. AJ’s a video game developer in real life, so I thought to ask him one day if he’d be interested in throwing together a ship and planet type of scene I had in mind for Book Two. He graciously agreed, asked me for details about what I had in mind, and went to work on some mockups. Suffice it to say I was blown away.

Although this work was kept a ‘secret’ for a few weeks, I had been seeing the progress on the images from the beginning. Even the line drawing, boxy outline of a generic ship looked fantastic, and as days went by and he added more and more detail, I saw a beautiful piece of covert art come together. Above is the final result after I added and stylized text. The planet, ship, and background were all designed by AJ, FROM SCRATCH. Not stock photos, not something he had lying around from his real job. From scratch, according to some basic specs and preferences I had given him. I couldn’t be more excited (although I will refrain from squeeing, as I’ve been told a 40ish guy shouldn’t ever squee – I leave that to my good friend Shay).

Just a final note on the importance of a quality book cover. In my humble opinion, the cover is second only to the story itself in today’s marketplace. Thousands upon thousands of bokos are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other online sites (shameless plug – those links go to Gabriel’s Redemption…have you read it yet? It’s less than the cost of a latte…) so how can your story possibly stand out? Potential buyers can’t, and won’t, take the time to read book blurbs or a synopsis of each one. No, the first thing – and maybe the only thing – that grabs their attention will be a well-designed, eye-catching cover. It’s important to stand out, and just as important to make sure the cover is attractive and readable at thumbnail size.

Go search Amazon and others, look in your favorite genre, and see the huge list of book thumbnails that come up. That’s what your book will be up against. Will your cover stand out? I like to think this cover, thanks to AJ, will.

What do you think?