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Review of Shattered Destiny by Shay Fabbro

August 23, 2011 2 comments


The Mekans are arriving, the galaxy is about to face its greatest danger, and the Chosen are in trouble. So goes the second installment in the Portals of Destiny series from Shay Fabbro, Shattered Destiny.

Love this cover...

I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1, and was waiting not-so-patiently for Book 2, as I felt after reading Book 1 that so many characters were introduced, I never got to really know them. Fabbro does an excellent job in Book 2 of re-introducing and going much further into them. It was very enjoyable to see Brok and Feeror again, the Earth Chosen, and maybe my personal favorite, the clones (just love their matter-of-fact speak!)

In Shattered Destiny, the four separate planets’ Chosen are coming together to try to work as an integrated team, even family, to fight off the coming Mekan invasion, which as we learn in this book (not really a spoiler here) have already landed on Astra (in one of my favorite scenes in the book). Many trials and tribulations face them, including a local ‘civil war’, all of which challenge them to get through to make it to their ultimate goal – stopping the Mekans. And along the way, some of the Chosen may face their ultimate fate.

My only con about the story (and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars) is there were a lot of traveling scenes; characters going from here to there, stopping to eat and camp, and to me (with a hidden, secret case of adult ADHD I’m sure) sometimes slowed the pace a bit. However, those same scenes gave the author more time to get into the characters, which at the end of the read made me understand them that much better.

I very much enjoyed Shattered Destiny, and with Fabbro’s introduction of the Mekans themselves, I’m very much looking forward to the finale in Book 3!

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Review of The Chosen: Book One of the Portals of Destiny, by Shay Fabbro

April 3, 2011 1 comment



Mekans…even the name sounds foreboding. Machine intelligence, stripping the resources of planet after planet, making their way across the galaxy, leaving burned out husks in their wake. The only hope for the survival of countless species are The Chosen, small groups of four different species who are watched over and trained by Guardians from the planet Gentra. The Gentran prophecy says The Chosen hold the key to defeating the Mekans, but when one Chosen is killed, the prophecy may be in jeopardy. This is the epic science fiction/fantasy story Shay Fabbro has begun to weave with Book One of the Portals of Destiny.

Fabbro paints a vivid picture of five distinct worlds, and pulls it off with no trouble, something many world builders have issues with in just one. There is a wide range of characters, many of which are delved deeply into, enough so that the reader can identify with several at once. Fabbro makes it easy to follow each, as the races are significantly different enough not to get confused. A reptilian warrior race, a clone race, a magical race, and of course, humans – albeit post-apocalyptic.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, from start to finish. The detail in the worlds, the depth of characters, the grandiose far-reaching plot are all done in an easy-to-follow format and style. At certain points I do feel it gets a bit deep into description, but knowing this is the first part of a series, and knowing the full story will not wrap up by the final page, it all makes perfect sense.

I felt the mix of science fiction (clones, weaponry) and fantasy (magic, transformations) was very well done. The overall crafting of the story reminded me a bit of The Empire Strikes Back, mixing the science fiction scenes with the Jedi training fantasy aspect.

The only negatives I encountered, and completely my personal opinion, would be a little bit of point of view confusion, but only very rarely; and (possible spoiler alert) I felt the key killing of the Chosen happened a little too late in the story (I kept waiting for it to happen, as the ‘book jacket blurb’ emphasizes it). But absolutely nothing that detracts from the overall story, which was well edited…much more so than most independent authors’ works I’ve read before.

I’m very much looking forward to Book Two, which I understand is just around the corner, as Fabbro has put together the beginnings of an epic story arc with very interesting characters. And it’s just starting!

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