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E-Book Pricing Poll Results

April 12, 2012 9 comments

You guys ready for the really cool charts? Sorry to disappoint – they’re fairly lame and uncreative, but the results are interesting. Without further ado, the ultra-scientific results of yesterday’s poll – please keep in mind the margin or error is plus or minus 100%.

Bar Graph (nice, huh?)


Tried to make this next chart cool with an online site; mistake. Should have just used Excel, but I have a built-in Microsoft aversion. (Had to lower the 31% to 30% to make the numbers add to 100 – the online site didn’t like the rounding parts.)


What are the results of the results? An interesting skew towards the higher priced books. Free and $.99 are WAY behind other prices, and the winner by almost twice as much as any other is $4-$4.99.

What does this mean? Not sure… At first I was thrilled seeing the higher pricing opinion, but @RobbieATaylor on Twitter made an excellent point:

“Seems like I might be underpricing myself, judging by the responses. Course, they may all be other writers…”

I’ve got a mix of readers and fellow writers seeing this blog, so yes – it may skew higher because writers truly value their work and want to sell it for as much as possible. But I can’t help but think the cheapies may be becoming a thing of the past. Do readers consider them bargain bin? Do they not expect much? Do they put more value (and time) into books that cost $3 and up?

What are YOUR conclusions?