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The new-cover paperbacks for the Gabriel trilogy are up and running (and I’ve got photos to prove it)

April 26, 2012 3 comments

A few weeks back I made a change to the covers of the Gabriel series, going with a more block sans serif font in white as opposed to the original serif in yellow. I loved the new look, thought it was very eye catching and more scifi-like, so I wanted to spread the updated look to the paperbacks.

Mistake #1: Not being ready to make the changes all at once.

I have the full size cover as high-res PNG images for all four books, so I simply went in and changed the fonts, shifted things a bit, added some cool author blurbs from reviews, and uploaded all four. In a day, I received notifications from CreateSpace that the covers were ready for viewing. I had a busy day that day, so I took a peek, didn’t like the way the layout looked (things had shifted too much to one side for one, to the other side for another, and so on), and put it aside until I had more time.

Mistake #2: Not realizing that by not approving the proof, or fixing the proof, the books were pulled from distro.

Yeah – didn’t think about that. Over a week went by (busy day job projects) and I had it on my list of things to do, not knowing that the books weren’t for sale anywhere. Not until someone messaged me that one of the books was selling for over $100 on Amazon (one of those pirate/scraper/reseller situations). I looked, and lo and behold none of the paperbacks were for sale properly. Panic. No, I’m not paying the rent with paperback sales, but I do get a decent amount each month, and missing an entire week most certainly cost me a few bucks.

A few hours of scrambling last week, measuring things down to the fraction of an inch, zooming in, zooming out, blah blah blah, and the images were uploaded. A day later, I approved the now-awesome looking proofs, and they’re up for sale.

Last night, the first copies of the books were delivered. Well, not the FIRST – Rob Pruneda scored a copy of GR1 before my shipment came in, so he’s officially the first to see it. I was second, and now you (collectively) are third:

And now for my shameless plug – the three individual titles are available from Amazon using these links:

For Gabriel’s Journey (complete trilogy), it’s only available from CreateSpace direct (larger 6″ x 9″ format, over 650 pages) at $24.99.

As for the mistake, a great quote I heard from a TED presentation I watched the other day:

“The path to success is paved with failures, so make sure your mistakes are good ones.”

I think this qualifies as a good one, since I know I’ll never repeat it…


And then there were three…proofs of the Gabriel series are in

January 9, 2012 5 comments

Just a quick post…well, more of a gush…about the paperbacks of the Gabriel trilogy. Last week I received the proofs from CreateSpace for Gabriel’s Return (2) and Gabriel’s Revenge (3). Interior was perfect, covers on both just need a tiny shift tweak so that the text on the back cover is centered, and they’re ready to go.

Just this afternoon, the updated paperback proof for Gabriel’s Redemption (1) arrived. This book has been available in paperback for several months, but with the release of books two and three, I decided to redo the cover and some of the minor interior formatting to match the two new books. So here, without further ado, are the soon-to-be-released series in paperback, along with the oldie but goodie original cover for Redemption:


Another huge shout out of thanks to AJ Powers for the cover art design, all done from scratch by that talented young (well, younger than me) man.

I’ve given CreateSpace the official OK for Redemption to process through, so they should have the new version within a few days, and Amazon should as well. Barnes & Noble will probably take a bit longer as it propagates through the Expanded Distribution Channels. Return & Revenge will be a few days longer – I have to reupload the shifted cover art and approve.

Guess I’d better start writing something else…