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Review of Asylum Lake by R. A. Evans

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just wrapped up Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans last night, and I have to say I really quite enjoyed it, even though I’m definitely not a typical horror reader by any stretch.

It was very well written, the descriptions were vivid enough to show the scene in one’s imagination, yet not overly wordy. The characters, I thought, were well-developed, and the POV didn’t jump around so much as to lose sight of who was speaking/thinking/feeling.

A few chapters in the story and pace really took off, and the chapter where Ellis ‘takes over’ during the car ride (I won’t throw in any spoilers) was excellent. I can always tell when I’m enjoying a scene when I tear through it so quickly I have to make a mental note to slow down.

I also felt that the flashbacks, the scene changing from past to present, worked very well for describing the characters and their backgrounds, and it was easy to keep track of where/when the scene was. I’ve read others that simply mix them all up, and the reader gets lost. Evans did a masterful job of keeping the scenes straight and easy to follow.

I was a little surprised how…calm might be the word?…the ending was. It was really building up to a crescendo, then the final scene wrapped it all up quietly. That being said it all made perfect sense and tied everything together neatly; Evans made it flow well into a sequel or follow up.

Overall an excellent story, well told – recommended for a good read, just not too late at night!

For more about R.A. Evans and his writing, visit his blog at http://raevanswrites.wordpress.com/

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